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The Stone Coven Philosophy


The Coven; a coven is a unique entity.

It is not a club.

A club may include members who drop in whenever they don’t have something better to do; joined merely to find friends without having a sincere interest in the club’s focus, or because it is “in” to belong to that particular club. As long as you pay your dues, you remain a member of the club. That will not work with a coven.

It is not a school.

In a school most lessons are taught in a classroom setting with a clearly written curriculum. Textbooks are provided which contain most of the information which must be learned. Exams are given, and grades or points are awarded to chart one's progress. There is competition for class standing. Do not expect any of that in a coven. There is no competition. Members are led toward enlightenment through experiences. There are no grades; members are not compared with one another or to any fixed standard. Spiritual growth and enlightenment are entirely up to the individual. A member of a coven must be highly, self-motivated.

It is not a support group.

Support groups help people work through problems which they find difficult or impossible to handle alone. No one should enter a coven with the idea in mind that it will “fix” all of their problems. A coven is a place for people who have their personal problems under control or are working through them. There is neither time nor personnel in most covens to handle on-going personal problems. While coven members may be happy to support one another in times of crisis, personal problems are ultimately the responsibility of the individual. A coven teaches self sufficiency and self reliance. We draw power and energy from the universe to help ourselves.

While a coven may seem to have some elements of the above mentioned groups, it is a mistake to expect a coven to duplicate or be a substitute for any or all of them.

Ideally, a coven is a group of like-minded people who come together with the understanding that there is strength in numbers and any organization is only as strong as its weakest link. What a coven is, most of all, is a “group mind”. A coven is a group of people who have worked hard to achieve rapport so that the focus and flow of every movement comes naturally to the entire group.

With that in mind it is necessary for each member of a coven to understand that self-confidence, sincerity, ambition, and absolute honesty are critical characteristics of a dedicated member. While even the most traditional coven allows for some differences in belief, there is absolutely no room for personal agendas which do not serve the interests of the entire coven.

Coven membership is not something to be entered into lightly. One must understand completely, the rights and obligations of members of the coven at all the various levels. If there is ever any question as to what those rights and obligations are, the Guild Leader or Officers should be consulted personally as soon as the question arises.

A coven provides a platform for sharing experiences, working together to achieve our goals.

It may take many months or years to find the right guild. Some people choose to play solitary for months or years before considering guild membership. Some may work with several guilds before finding one that feels right. One must trust their gods to lead him or her to the right guild when the time is appropriate for both member and guild. And even then, there are no guarantees that the member/guild relationship will last forever. Some people have many guilds over the course of time, gleaning valuable information from all. Your job as a member or prospective member of The Stone Coven is to be honest with your self and leaders of the coven, and to trust the gods to guide you along your chosen path.

The Stone Coven; we are that “group mind,” bonded together with the same goals, the same interests, the same desires… There are no prejudices here. There are no favoritisms. We move forward with the precision of the blade, but with the flexibility of the water. Explosive in our determination, fluid in our adaptability. We draw power and energy from one another. We grow from our experiences. But, most importantly, and without doubt… We serve one another.

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