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The Stone Coven Application Process

Applying to The Stone Coven
AS OF March 2014

So, you've made it this far...

Before you submit your application, there are a few things that you should realize and come to understand about both the application process and the guild itself. Let's try to clear up those things now, rather than later.

The Stone Coven AKA Obsidian Coven has been around almost as long as EQ, and the guild was built on the premise of being a high-end Raiding guild. Though, in that time, we have also matured into a high-end raiding guild with a family atmosphere. We have not forgotten our family guild roots. We place high value on friendship and teamwork amongst the guild members. After all, none of us would have gotten as far as we have in the game without the aid of our fellows. If you're not able to get along with people, and like to fight... save both us and yourself some time, look elsewhere. If you are a team player and a likeable individual, please read on...

* Level 90

* Must have a Gold Account
* See Invis Capability
* Invis Capability
* Gate Capability
* Shrink Capability
* Enduring Breath Item or AA

* Actively working on RoF progression
* Actively working on CotF progression


What does TSC expect from you, as an applicant? You should completely fill out the application form (posted below), and do so in a thoughtful manner. Answer the questions meaningfully, don't be shy. Write a few sentences -- long applications tell us a lot more, and are received better, than a few sentence fragments and one word answers.

The application is designed to give us a high-level understanding of what you and your character are all about. While we ask for flag and magelo information, please don't think that you would be rejected purely based on your flags or gear. You are expected to work towards catching up on flags as part of your application process. Some flags are pertinent, others are not. The flags that allow you to raid where we raid are the important ones.

Once you've submitted your application, guild officers will review it and decide whether to accept or deny the application (All new and returning members will go through this process. Returning members' membership will be only voted on by officers and leads). If your application is accepted, you will be brought on-board as an applicant, and given additional information by a recruiting officer. This information will include channels to join, access to the applicant forum on our message boards, and perhaps other information as he or she sees fit.

The recruiting officers are your conduit to the guild. They are in charge of administering all applications and able to answer any questions that you might have during your application period. You should feel free to talk with other members and officers as well, but the recruit officers are the people running the show as pertains to you.

Applicant Period

The application period is 30 to 45 days and starts the day you are tagged. During this time, you should do your best to get to know and group with your fellow members because, they are the ones who will be voting on you at the end of your application period. Throughout your time as an applicant, your progress will be tracked within the member boards. All members have access to view your application and discuss it. At the end of your application period, a vote will be called that will allow members 48 hours to vote on your application. A 75% approval rating or higher (that's 3 yes votes to 1 no vote) is needed to pass and become a member. If you pass your vote, you will become a new member.


We raid Sunday 7pm Eastern/4 Pacific as well as Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific, excluding Holidays. We are currently raiding ROF.

Your attendance should reflect what your attendance as a member would be like. If you make 80% of raids as an applicant, get voted in, and your attendance drops to 35%... you'll simply be removed. Attendance is important. If you are online, you must raid. The only exception is being AFK in the Guild Hall or Guild Lobby. If you are found online and in an experience zone during raid time, you will be contacted by an officer and asked to join.

We expect applicants to be at 50% of our raids MINIMUM. With that said, we know real life happens and, as long as you keep the Officers up to date on your play time and attendance, TSC will work with you. If any New Member falls below 35% raid attendance during the first 6 months, without posting a LOA (Leave of Absence), they will be removed from TSC.

You may be asked to fill key roles during a raid, such as tanking, organizing a rescue effort, scouting an area, or whatever else the raid leadership decides. Applicants are expected to perform these tasks to the best of their abilities. In this way, you may be put on the spot... nobody said it would be easy!


TSC uses a DKP system for loot. A set number of DKP is awarded for each target that is hit on each raid night. After a raid kill, loot will be linked in /rsay and /gu. Items will then be put up for bid using the player's earned DKP. As an applicant, you will be able to earn DKP but, you will not be allowed to bid on loot unless the item is not bid on by full members. Further information about the looting process will be given to you when you become an applicant.

Being a part of this guild is a lot of fun. Our members are good people and our raids are generally quite challenging. We hope you find it as fulfilling as we do.

Application Instructions

Do the following:

1.Select all of the text on this application page (Ctrl-A), copy it (Ctrl-C), and paste it into an email tool (Ctrl-V).
2. Fill in the answers to the questions. All questions must be answered. If you don't put any thought into filling the application out, we won't put any thought into reading it.
3. Fill out the subject portion of the email with your character's first name, level, and class Email it to <>

Lying at any stage of this application will be subject for your immediate removal and banning whether you've been voted in or not. Regardless of time passed until the deception has been discovered.

Application starts here:

Have you ever applied to TSC before (Skip to Character name if answer is no):

Name of Character applied with:
When did you apply:
Did you complete the application time period and get voted on:
Were you removed for any reason:
Why did you leave:

Character Name:

An e-mail we can contact you at:
this is for backup incase we cannot contact you in-game.


(Must be 90 or higher)


# of AAs:

You can give a more detailed description of your AA abilities later in the form.

Character Magelo #:

Are you the original owner of this character:

When did you create your character and how much time have you played (Type /played in-game if you are unsure):

List all other characters have you played and to what level. Tell if any were considered mains. If so why did you choose to change classes:

Do you have your epic 2.0:

Have MPG Trials completed (Required to be completed before app period over):

Dragons of Norrath progression complete, if not which stage are you at (Required to be completed before app period over):

Friends in TSC:
Is there anyone currently in guild who will vouch for you?

Guild History for All of your characters
If it was on another server, please give the server name and provide Guild Leader names:

Do you have all the things listed above under GUILD REQUIREMENTS?
If not, please list what you are lacking:

What are the most challenging raids you've been on:

Zone Flags and Keys:
RoF - What is your current progression status:

CotF - What is your current progression status:

Typical Play Times: (Days and Times)

What is your projected raid attendance, can you make at least 50% of our scheduled raids:

Why do you want to join The Stone Coven?

Are there any Comments, Questions, or Information you'd like to add?

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