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05-19-2010, 02:52 PM
Personal Note to New Perspective Members

The Coven is Recruiting!

The Stone Coven was established prior to the release of Planes of Power in 2002. 8+ years we have been at it, we have had our ups and downs, but we are still here and still making waves and progressing. Although members in a guild tend to come and go the core of this guild remains in tact and strong. Many Members and Officers are still around from the beginning, or shortly thereafter. We are not going anywhere, I can assure you of that!

Once upon a time we were considered a HARD CORE raiding guild, spending several hours a day 7 days a week pressing forward. Although we continue to press forward in progression, I would no longer consider us HARD CORE. Frankly we have evolved our gaming into summer raiding hours and winter raiding hours. During the summer months we raid Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday 8PM EST to 11PM EST sometimes going to 11:30PM or Midnight but not often. We also might toss in an additional optional raid or two numbers permitting…But we like our summers as many people do and we like our gaming as many gamers do so we make it a point to do both. Winter hours are a little different. As the nights grow cold and daylight dwindles, we begin raiding Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8PM EST to 11 or 11:30PM EST with a few additional optional raids tossed in numbers permitting.

It's a fine balance finding Real Life vs. Game Life…But we make it work and we generally include the guild in helping make the decision. Most of us are adults with real jobs and husbands and wives and children. That does not make us mature by any stretch of the imagination, but that does make us realize what it takes to be successful in Game and in Life….There must be a balance. This is the primary reason we have lasted so long, balance!

So if you're looking for a Guild to hand you everything on a silver platter and force you to raid 24/7, we are not for you. But, if your looking for a balanced Raid vs. Life Guild that requires you to Raid (if your online) during scheduled raid periods but also provides plenty of "Non-Raid" hours each week for you to do your own thing, then stop on by and give us a look.

Now's a great time as we are just breaking into the Tower of Discord – Citadel of the Worldslayer!

Hope to see you in My World!


Gargamesh Tir`Chonaill
85 Shaman - Cazic Thule

Point of Contact for New Perspective Members:

Any Officer or Member can help guide you and would be happy to answer your questions….

07-12-2010, 01:49 PM
It's a constant battle especially in the summer months to replenish numbers in order to ensure a capable raiding force in the World of Everquest. However we always have managed to do ok. This year is no different as our reacent recruiting continues to go well for us.

We have also taken great advantage of The server merge. Our officer core had spent some time prior to the merge with two other guilds building a relationship that has blossomed into a very well constructed Alliance since the merge. Results of our latest recruiting push as well as the alliances have resulted in full raids and record time clears of Korafax while we key up new Guild members & alliance members for more fun in the Tower of Discord and other SOD events.

But, we're always looking for good people and skilled players whom need a balance between real life and a raiding guild. I cant claim to be a "Top 10 Server Wide Guild" but I also wont tell you we raid 6 days a week from 7 to midnight and in order to keep your guild tag and maintain looting rights you need a 70%+ raid attendance either.

I can tell you that if your interested in an mature guild with mature players, that does not require you to give up your life or that of your loved ones to play, then we might just be right for you….

See you in my World!