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05-20-2010, 05:20 PM
for whatever reason i cannot reply to a message lol. I can post a new one though. If you see bushka have him give me a call at 337-852-5571 and Veau call me anytime in the next 4 or 5 days and or email me at gaynor93@aol.com. Bushie went off my radar(out of wow) and his phone number got changed (Im guessing he moved to another state) so havent been able to find out how he is doing and where he is.


So you know, no Im not directly involved with the bp mess or cleanup although I expect it to impact every job in the industry over the course of the next 2 years. People are comparing it to the exxon valdez, but that isnt a fair comparison as the oil coming out of the gulf has a lot more in common with gasoline or diesel than the middle east crude which is a lot heavier and closer to tar or asphalt. It is a mess, and it is bad, but more oil escapes mother nature in a day than has been let out by bp in the last month or so.

Im not defendig BP btw but the industry as a whole, we have a fantastic safety record and a damn fine enviromental record at least in the past 30 years. People stil get hurt, and oil does get spilled yes, but worse poulltants get poured down the drains of homes than dropped or spilled over the side of a rig or platform . I guess alot of it is what side you work on or how you see an issue. I understand it's a problem but there are problems way worse that recieve 0 press