View Full Version : Pettidoc still has acess...!!!

06-28-2010, 12:53 AM
Hey folks,

I cant believe I still have access to the forums after the several years I have been away from the games!! Cool!!

Hiyas to everyone, and see my post on Reynard's "I am feeling nostalgic" thread.

TSC rocks !

06-28-2010, 02:05 AM
You mean that LoA you've been on is almost over??

06-29-2010, 10:32 AM
I am trying to reactivate the account, but, I hit a kink in the system.

All I can remember of my EQ information is my station name. Cant remember the password, and my email address that the "forgot password" function sends to has changed since I stopped playing EQ (and I cant remember that email address, anyway).

So, I put in an email to SOE if account reactivation is possible under those circumstances.

Waiting to hear back from them, atm.

06-29-2010, 05:38 PM
Yeah, you just have to either know your secret question or the original CC info. Its pretty easy to prove ownership.

06-30-2010, 11:09 AM
Same problem with V after almost 2 years away Doc. I called SOE, spent about 6 minutes on the phone with a human type being, and viola...instant necro.

So.?.?.? You're coming back?

07-03-2010, 01:37 AM
/wave Petti

05-26-2011, 04:10 PM
ohh another cleric, good to see you and yes you can retrieve the character petti, just have the c/c info or answer to security question or keys from a jawel case etc something to prove prior ownership and you will be set.

05-26-2011, 07:43 PM
Way to revive a year old thread Satrn

05-28-2011, 08:49 AM
sorry it popped up as a new post.............dunno why tho shoulda done been read etc

05-28-2011, 09:08 AM
lol no worries, was ment in jest, have to admit I got excited when I saw the post until I recognized it *snicker*

05-28-2011, 04:28 PM
Sat's meds messing with his head!!! LOL!! That's funny!!!

05-31-2011, 08:05 AM
I was at work and havent done any meds in a week dearie...... though after i get whats left of my stitches pulled i may want a drink...... popped half of them and pulled the others thru most of the skin

Kalley Respire'Vital
06-02-2011, 11:19 AM