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12-01-2012, 04:06 PM
Elidroth has posted new details on when he is doing IRC Chats to get input on AA, see more in his post:


This is the schedule for the IRC chats for the new AA development. I'm going to be doing things a little differently this go around to be more flexible with people's schedules.

A new IRC channel has been created on the Stratics IRC Network.
Server: stratics.frws.com
Channel: #EQAAChat
Time - 10am - 7pm PST (+8 GMT)

The chats will be a little different in that I'll be discussing things all day in the channel (except if I need to leave/focus my attention elsewhere for some reason). For example, on Dec 10 (WAR & PAL) we'll be discussing things for both classes. While I'd LIKE to do Warrior first and then Paladin, I'm ok doing both at the same time.

It's EXTREMELY important to keep the noise and idle chatter to an absolute minimum. This is not the place for class warfare, calls for nerfs, complaining about another class or anything of the sort. This is the place to lobby for new developments in the AA system that you'd like to see. This is YOUR chance to shape your class. While I can't force people out, I will not tolerate people trying to derail the discussions to topics not related to the classes of the day. People who test me on this will find themselves banned from the discussion permanently, including on their class' day.

Dec 10 - Warrior & Paladin
Dec 11 - Shadowknight & Ranger
Dec 12 - Cleric & Shaman
Dec 13 - Druid & Beastlord
Dec 17 - Monk & Rogue
Dec 18 - Bard & Berserker
Dec 19 - Necromancer & Wizard
Dec 20 - Magician & Enchanter - Hopefully Ellyra will be joining us here as well.

Dec 21 will be a open forum kind of day where anyone is free to discuss anything AA related they'd like. This includes adjustment to existing AA, bugs, etc. The previous days are for NEW DEVELOPMENTS ONLY.

Thanks all.. Hope to see you there, bright and early(ish) each day