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04-23-2013, 02:07 PM
or at least a request made with truly epic style...


Don't stop at the OP... read!!

04-23-2013, 02:54 PM
Funny thread.

04-24-2013, 04:26 PM
Goranga spear..... or we're finished here

05-31-2013, 02:12 AM
I just read through this. That was... something else.


06-14-2013, 03:32 PM

Truly, as the first note complained, most of EQ has been 'nerfed'. I mean think about it...those of us who have been in game since the beginning, how hard did we have to 'work' to acquire any thing? Skills, items, XP, you name it. Even silly little baloney like swimmming was a damned task in the beginning. And how we had to learn to use our location skill, and had to learn to read maps. Now, newbs come ready to rock, and portals take us everywhere. "common drops" are more badass than our hard earned Epic Weapons for Pete sake.



06-14-2013, 07:04 PM
I remember when I first started off on Sullen Zek in 2000, I was exploring way outside my home city with this guy i met up with near Blackburrow. We ended up getting lost in halas and we could not get out of there for the life of us. We ended up hiding out way up on a wall watching big red monsters roam by below us- scared shitless. Finally my buddy is like, "I can gate, just give me your gear and when you die I can give it all back to you at Qeynos." I know most of you are like "heh... I know where this is going." But truth be told I gave him all my stuff to suicide, and when I popped back at my bind this guy I've known for a few hours was there waiting to give me all my precious gear and coppers back. This is a pvp server mind you, one of the roughest of the pvp's to boot, and I just remember being so freakin nervous and lost and seemingly choiceless. A goddam computer game did that to me?! wtf... and it was then that I became hooked on EQ.

06-17-2013, 11:27 AM
Lol, I have a similar story Viterbo.

A RL friend of mine got me started back in the late 90's. I made a ranger from Surefall and battled my way to level 6 using nothing but a rusty dagger I looted off a skeleton.
Now my friend was a bada$$ druid of lvl 13 (well it was impressive to me what he was doing to the mobs I fought so hard to kill). He told me this place sucks (Qeynos Hills) and I need to go to a hopping spot, Misty Thicket. I figured wth, he knows more than I do so let's go. We started the long run and I remember thinking, how far is this damned place? Will we ever get there?
Now after an hour or so of running and dodging mobs across, QH, WK, NK and EK, we came upon The Gorge and no sooner that we started the run, he went LD; leaving me standing in the middle of a strange zone.
Then I saw a strange looking eye thing floating towards me and I swore my heart jumped out of my chest. I think that may be the 1st time I've actually prayed about a game. I ran as fast as I could up the side wall and stood as far up as I could go praying and hoping they'd go by without noticing me. It was a half an hour before my druid friend came back and I had not moved an inch.

In the end I made it to Misty and got a couple levels, then I needed a ranger trainer. My druid friend had a necro friend who was in the 30's (very ubah) and he said he'd log his alt (lvl 10 halfling warrior) and take me to the trainer. Okay he's 10, I'm 8. Anywhere he goes I should be safe. Well, the bastage was playing a trick on me. He took me to the closest ranger trainer to Misty Thicket; in the middle of Kithicor woods. All was good, it was all low level crap and some of them didn't even bother rangers. It was like 5pm game time. He said there you go and camped out.
Well I spent a few game hours at the ranger trainer and got ready to leave and started hearing some spooky stuff. I stepped outside the hut and everywhere I looked there were terrible red con undead stuff waiting to tear me a new one. I quickly ran back in the hunt and grabbed to phone. Called my lvl 13 druid friend and asked him what to do. He said, where are you? I said, in Kithicor woods. His reply was; CAMP and do it now. It was after I was out that he explained that undead came out at night.

Good times.

06-21-2013, 04:29 PM
I remember when there were no undead in Kithicor.

I participated in the opening of plane of hate during halloween when they introduced the undead to kithicor =) Was some fun shit then.

As for my newbie shit.. .well I started with a barbarian warrior and lost my corpse at level 4.. re rolled a wizard got him to 7 but was always getting lost couldn't find my groupmates... rolled a ranger and HOLY SHIT TRACKING LETS ME FIND MY GROUP!!!!!!!! I was hooked :p

07-01-2013, 09:09 AM
My first toon was a Pally - Coinneach, born in Freeport.
First time he ever travelled, some lvl 20 or 30 odd Druid ported him Karanas, and he ran to Qeynos. Took, or at least seemed to take 3 hours. LOL Lions and tigers and bears OH MY! Once I got to Qeynos, some lvl 16 toon comes by and gives me this ubah sword that dropped off some “A Orc” in Ro. Lol. Super Pally. Haha.

After hanging around Qeynos for a few days real time, mostly exloring these peeps I know IRL decided to PL the paladin so a druid ported a bunch of us to Butcher Block and they took my lvl 5 pally to Unrest. It was night time in game, so every time I died (which seemed like every time I re-entered Unrest) I had to run through the Cauldron in pitch black...I made my pally a human. ARGH!

Out of boredom, I finally made Veau one day - I wanted to make him as..."non playable" as possible. Only I didn’t wanna be Iksar. So dark elf necro, and I gave the PoD the stupid book making Veau PvP. Crap...nobody could buff or heal or help the necro at all, unless we were in an arena, which usually resulted in some dumb shit (one Maximouse, by name) racing in and slaughtering the group for kicks. LOL My girlfriend, sitting at the computer next to me, would get so frustrated she’d scream, sending the cats running. ROFL

I actually played that necro to level 40 as PVP. When I finally decided I wanted to raid, I had to petition to get my name turned blue. GM Bella<something or other> told me she was impressed - "Most people delete their character by level 8 after giving the Book of Discord to PoD and realizing what that cost them. You soloed this Necromancer to level 40 without ever being able benefit from proper grouping". LOL She gave me a "quest" of sorts, made me log out and when I logged in an hour later, he was the necromancer you have all come to know and...<insert opinion here>. ROFL. Back in the day, with “Hell Levels” and shit, it was a major celebration when you finally reached lvl 60 (or even 45 for that matter). Now, lvl 100? And for the most part…in comparison…easy. Veau reached level 60 one week before the patch that removed Hell Levels. I thought I’d never beat the patch. It was like level 58 to 59…to 58…to 59…to 58…LOL

Well...nostalgia wins out...I'll take that all the way back to 1993 when MiRC was the favored chat program in the world...Channel wars and crap like that... The Internet has been a lot of fun growing along with the technological advancements. It's really weird now to see people becoming addicted to the net as though it's a brand new toy, when most of us have been using the internet for close to 20 years and our addictive stages have been so far behind us that the net is nothing more than a tool anymore. Crazy days.

07-01-2013, 10:37 AM
I remember that GM. Was it something like Belledanthe?

07-02-2013, 07:05 AM
LOL, man I had to dig through ancient history to find her name...Bellarandu.

07-02-2013, 01:39 PM
Veauamil, I can sympathize with your traveling to Qeynos. Tico was born in Freeport (but half elf, not human) in May of 99. When he was 9th level, a fellow paladin friend Galar who was 15th level and had been in beta convinced me to head over to Qeynos. At that time, there was nobody around with group ports.

So off we go through East Commonlands, West Commonlands, Kithcor forrest (before the Halloween change) and into Highhold Pass which luckily was heavily camped. We make it through the pass, and down through East Karana and cross the wooden bridge. We followed the river around to the stone bridge, and decided to cross over to see what was south of the river. So.... we zone into South Karana. We scout around near bridge... not seeing many mobs, except for a centaur foal which is blue to Galar. We decide to try killing it.... and after several minutes are doing fairly well. Then a Centaur archer proceeds to wonder up and kill us in seconds. And we are still bound in Freeport.......

07-02-2013, 02:06 PM
ROFL. Wasn't it great being new to Eq? lol