View Full Version : Ratbo VonPeep (Mbaaaaa!!)

07-04-2014, 04:36 PM
Just wanted to pop in and say hello.
By way of quick intro:
Ratbo and the Onorable Order of the Ovine (aka OOO) have been on CT since right after the beta in '99. I've known Riverwake from the very beginning as I'm a RL friend of his brother Monte via the MMO "Air Warrior". All the OOO are Air Warrior alumni. Some of you may remember us for shouting "Mbaaaaaaa!!!" (the call of the sheep) when entering a zone. (AW was rife with "sheep jokes")
Rat's prefix of "Baron", suffix "VonPeep", and signature Red armor since the days of Rubicite, and are themselves an homage to AW and our beloved sheep.
I took a long forced vacation from EQ when we moved to a nice property on Lake Hartwell SC - but so far out in the boonies that no broadband connect was available. After years of dial-up, they finally ran fiber-optic to our area and I've been back ever since. It took about a year to get ol' Ratty up to 100 and max AA and CotF Group Gear. (I found him parked at level 62 with <10 AA and wearing junk.)

It's been fun raiding with The Alliance, I think I've made almost every event since Riverwake had me tag along one night. Raiding is "different" now than when I was last on - and in a lot of ways much "smoother". Back in the day - it was more like "herding cats". :)
It's been fun leaning the mechanics of the new events, and dieing less and less as a result.

Hats off to Emperior from CI for being a smooth, unflappable RL, and to Tico and TSC gang for keeping all that DKP straight. I know how much work that all is!

OK - I said hello (and then some!) See you around the server. :)
Have a great 4th!