View Full Version : Last Night..... :)

08-18-2014, 04:52 PM
Was the most fun I've had in EQ in a long time.
4 events = 4 wins. :)
But the fun part was the really "messy" win in the final purple dome event. Never have I seen the tanks do so much with so little that they appeared to be able to do anything with nothing at all! You guys were amazing!!
I'd like to say that a good part was that I didn't die once.
But I did die once - AFTER the events.The most glorious, wonderful, death of my EQ career.
Remember (little) Velishan that was right outside the 1st raid event in BG1?
With the help of a couple others I went back after him for that big AC aug after event #4.
It was a virtual wipe. Except that I died ONE parse line after Velishan died. I had the best overhead view a dead Ranger ever had... my corpse laying next to a dead Velishan. My new favorite AC aug, might not be my best,(close though) - but like they say in baseball - the tie goes to the Runner, errr Ranger. :)
Or like we said after win #4 - a messy win - is still a win. :)
Thanks for a FUN night!!!!